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725 Washington St
Holliston, MA, 01746
United States


Outdoor Play

HCCC places great value on outdoor play. While outside, children have the opportunity to connect with the natural world around them.  They are explorers, observers, scientists, naturalists, engineers, and more! Our outdoor spaces are not simply a playground, but an extension of our classrooms. You may see children participating in activities that are typically thought of as indoor activities while outside!  Children are also encouraged to use all of their senses while outside. We can smell (and maybe even taste!) the herbs in our garden, see the colors of the fall leaves changing, hear the birds chirping while splashing in our bird bath, and feel the wet sand squish beneath our toes in the sandbox. 


Natural PLay space

HCCC is proud to have a natural play space for children of all ages to explore. This green space offers a working water pump, 2 sandboxes, a hilltop slide, a balancing log, and stones for climbing.


Sand PLay

The sand box is a busy place here at HCCC! Children are encouraged to take off their shoes and really feel the sand between their toes. Materials to enhance this play are provided and the children often take full advantage, digging the deepest holes they possibly can! 


Outdoor PLay

Our outdoor play is truly an extension of our learning. While we enjoy playing with the natural materials outside, we also have the opportunity to use real life materials. Through all of this play, we are building our social, communication, negotiation, and motor skills while gaining an appreciation for the natural world.